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Snow Petal (Merlin/Gwen) G

My sweet sis wanted Merlin/Gwen fluff to cheer her up. So this is for her.

Title: Snow Petal
Summary: Daisies might be growing out of season, but love's beginnings are still awkward.

Pairing: Merlin/Gwen
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Words: 440

Beta: penarddun. Thank you for going through it even though RL hounded you. You're awesome.

Merlin always had bad timing - or so it seemed to Gwen. She was squatting in the snow, her skirts hiked up to her thighs and her hair still tangled from a night’s sleep. It was hardly a dignified position; but it was the wrong time for anyone to show up and so Merlin did. She wondered how he managed to come across her just as she had decided to crouch down to look at daisies – a perfect round patch of them.

She got up on unsteady feet, wiped her hands on her skirts and immediately started talking.

“I’m, uh, looking at daisies. Not that you’re interested or anything. Of course not. But just so you know what I’m doing, in the snow, like that,” she gulped the last words.

“Daisies don’t grow in winter,” Merlin said softly.

- Gwen had to gather her wits for a moment here. Merlin had just smiled, with dimples and warmth.

And she swore that smile could melt the snow. It was definitely melting her heart. –

“Yes, that’s what I thought too. But I noticed something last night. And, well.” Gwen pointed at the daisies growing in the snow.

Merlin stared and reached up to readjust his neck scarf. Gwen noticed.

“Hmm, so you wouldn’t have, you know.” She waved her hand. “By any chance?”

Merlin winced. He had been standing there last night, but he didn’t want to talk about it right now. There were times like these when he regretted telling Gwen about his magic.

“I was with Arthur. I came to talk about how I walked in on you. Yesterday.” Merlin floundered – so maybe that hadn’t been the best idea for a diversion.

“How you knocked, came right in and saw me in my night clothes?” Gwen was more amused than offended.

“Er, yeah. That.” He coughed. “I wanted to apologize.”

“Don’t worry about it. Not that I was feeling self-conscious or anything. Not with you around, uh, I mean, not that you don’t make me feel self-conscious.”

– Gwen’s mind had to pause for a moment here. She was sure she had let something slip

that she had not wanted to. But that smile had started again. Oh. Butterflies. That felt good.

Her mind sputtered back on track –

To find herself wrapped around Merlin; her lips soft on his, the contact sending tingles down her spine. Oh. She felt heat in her cheeks and broke off, wide-eyed.

“I’ve got to go.” She fled.

Merlin was left gazing fondly at where she had been standing; earlier, her body had left an imprint the shape of a petal in the snow.
Tags: beta: penarddun, character: gwen, character: merlin, fandom: merlin, genre: fluff, length: short, pairing: merlin/gwen, rating: g
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